'easter in america' (teaser trailer - 2017)

Estranged buddies —withdrawn Aidan and pseudo-thug Leshawn - bullshit their way through an awkward reunion until a shared tragedy & repressed emotions test a bond thought lost.

Barry Glazer: Attorney at Raw

Barry Glazer is a Baltimore-based attorney whose provocative, uninhibited television commercials have made him a local celebrity. But what about the man behind the ads? 'Attorney at Raw' investigates the Barry Glazer that few have seen, until now.

A*L*I*E*N* S*E*R*E*N*A*D*E*: A Conversation with :3lON

:3lON (Elon Battle) is an electronic R&B musician based out Baltimore, MD. This short video, done for local publication, BmoreArt, gives a taste of :3lON'S otherworldly philosophies, talent, and charm.

Regulation Skronk: A Conversation with Jason Willett

Jason Willett and his record store The True Vine Record Shop are staples of Baltimore's experimental music community. This mini-doc showcases Willett's one of a kind perspective on music, the internet, & why propriety of True Vine is, above all, a spiritual calling more than it is a commercially profitable one.